Fume New flavors

Fume Extra Blueberry CC Disposable

Fume's Disposable vape New Flavors

looking for Fume new flavors  ? The Fume Company has announced new flavors in all devices including Fume Infinity, Fume Extra, and Fume Ultra. Each devices has two to three new flavors. Fume is one of the top disposable vape devices company in south Florida. The company start it's operation back in July 2020 and it was a matter of time until they became one of the best vape companies in the USA.

Fume New flavors:

The company has the following new flavors in Fume extra

Fume Extra New flavors 

Fume Extra Blueberry CC Disposable

Fume Ultra New flavors 

Fume Ultra Yogurt Ice Cream Disposable

Fume Infinity New flavors 

Each flavor is unique and it has great taste and lovely touch . Kiwi Strawberry Fume infinity for example is the traditional blend of fresh strawberries and an amazing taste of Kiwi. On the other hand, the Fume infinity Desert Breeze is a great mix of Aloe fruit, with a blend of fresh blackberries and nice touch of mint.

Ultra Fume also has three amazing flavors including Fume ultra Blueberry CC and Fume ultra Yogurt Ice cream and Fume ultra Desert Breeze. these three amazing flavor adds a great value to the company.

Fume Infinity Desert Breeze

Where to buy fume disposable vape 

 Fume Ultra Desert Breeze Disposable

There are many websites you can purchase these vape. FumeHQD.com is one great choice as they offer free shipping on all orders