Cuvie Plus V.s Fume Extra

Fume Extra V.s Cuvie Plus

Cuvie Plus V.s Fume Extra

Fume Extra Vs. Cuvie Plus, which one is better? A question many smoke shops owners receive from customers. While both devices are great each device has certain advantages and disadvantages. First let's discuss history and then we can discuss specifications.

HQD Cuvie Plus is produced by HQD TECH, a chines manufacture. HQD TECH, introduced their HQD Cuvie V1 (300 Puffs) around February 2018. At that time, the market has no main competition.  Very quickly, Cuvie V1 became one of the top if not the # 1 in the market. The new device came with many flavors and amazing colors. Many people like the device and the smoothness if the disposable vape.

Fume Extra V.s Cuvie Plus

History of HQD & Fume

To add up, Cuvie V1, remained top seller in the vape market until Fume came to the industry around March 2021. At that time, most disposable vape products were around 300-600 Puffs. Extra was one of the first devices that came with the the design, and offered 1500 Puffs. In addition, The Fume company had one great flavor that made great noise. Fume Extra Mint Ice was the top selling disposable vape device.

Fume Taken over HQD

After that, the fume was introduced in the market, it start attracting new customers specially with fume Extra and Fume Ultra . and many people like the quality of the vape. There is an estimate that Fume took over than 58% of HQD's Market Share, specially in South Florida Market. The Fume company offered many devices and flavors. Including Fume extra Rainbow Candy, Mint Ice and Pink Lemonade Fume. On the other hand, Cuvie Plus had many amazing flavors such as Black Ice Cuvie plus, Miami Vice, Grapy and Peach Ice.


Many people like the taste of Fume more than HQD for many reasons. First, Fume has more Puffs and better battery compare to HQD. Second the liquid capacity of their Salt Nicotine is much better.

Where to Buy Fume and HQD

Many smoke shops and online websites sale the products. and the price is the same. , , and are among the three top websites that offer these products at low prices.