Cuvie Plus Vs. Fume Extra

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Cuvie Plus Vs. Fume Extra

Cuvie Plus Vs. Fume Extra  An on going debate between Cuvie Plus Vs. Fume Extra , which one is better and which one has more value. When we compare both devices there are many factors that contribute to the compression. Factors such as puff count, quality of liquid, tank capacity and price. FUME EXTRA BRICKS

Price of Cuvie Plus Vs. Fume Extra

Prices of the vape usually depends on area, and competition. Some vape shops across south Florida, such as Vape shops in Davie price these disposable vape devices between $12-20. Other places like Miami Beach have higher prices that can reach to $25 for one Pop. [caption id="attachment_1649" align="aligncenter" width="562"]HQD Cuvie Plus HQD Cuvie Plus[/caption]

Puff count

In compression, Both devices has very close number of puff count. Cuvie plus comes with an approximate puff count of 1200 Hits. On the the hand, Fume Extra has more than 1500 hits per device.

Best place to Purchase Cuvie Plus and Fume Extra

In addition, many customers like to purchase their pods from their local smoke shop. Others, like to do their purchases online. Some of the great websites that offer low and competitive prices include HQD Cuvie Plus Best Flavors  [caption id="attachment_1301" align="aligncenter" width="600"]HQD CUVIE PLUS HQD CUVIE PLUS[/caption] Finally, Many flavors of HQD cuvie plus including:
  • Mango Peach: Amazing fresh peaches and mango taste will bring the mongo peach flavor to live
  • Honey Lychee: Real honey flavor with frsh lychee taste.
  • Honeycrisp Apple: Green apple taste with an amazing real honey. added an icy taste to make up this flavor as one of the top flavors.
  • Ice Mint: For mint lovers
  • Mojito: Traditional mojito mixture flavor.
  • Nuts Tobacco: whole nuts added to the traditional taste of tobacco
  • Peach Ice: The ultimate peachy flavor that everyone likes.
  • Peanut Butter: Who like peanut butter ? we don’t, but we are sure many loves it!!
  • Coconut Grove: Another secret flavor with top secrets ingredients
  • Energy Drink: Tastes exactly like Redbull.
  • Fruit Fusion: Mix of many fruits
To sum up, Each device has it's own characteristics, you should try both device and judge for yourself.